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Can I switch from the All-Inclusive Plan to the Maintenance Plan or vice versa?

As of our latest policy update, transitioning between the All-Inclusive Plan and the Maintenance Plan is subject to certain conditions. The Maintenance Plan is currently offered exclusively for websites that were initially created and/or are actively managed by Growmodo under an All-Inclusive Plan.


For websites initially developed by Growmodo:

  • If your website was initially created by Growmodo and is currently managed under the All-Inclusive Plan, you have the option to switch to the Maintenance Plan for ongoing support and maintenance.

For websites not initially developed by Growmodo:

  • For websites that were not initially developed by Growmodo, we recommend exploring our All-Inclusive Plan for a more comprehensive and faster support experience.

We understand that your needs may change over time. You can seamlessly transition back and forth between the All-Inclusive Plan and the Maintenance Plan. The necessary links for requesting upgrades or downgrades can be found in your Asana Board Overview tab, ensuring a hassle-free process for adapting to your evolving requirements.

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