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How many hours does the designer/developer work for me per month?

We don't mention the working hours on our website for a reason, because the number of working hours is a poor indicator for the potential output. Some people need 2 hours for a task, and others spend 8 hours (and still don't achieve a good result).

  • If you pay someone a monthly salary, you also finance sick leaves, vacations, and coffee breaks.
  • If you pay someone per hour, the person is incentivized to work slower and bill more hours instead of investing in their skill development to work more efficiently.

At Growmodo, we approach this more outcome-oriented. At the end of every working day, we want to send you a proper update on what we have achieved on that day. Usually, there are multiple people involved:

  1. Designer or/and developer
  1. Quality manager/Creative director
  1. Project manager

Overall, the total hours are usually 6-8 hours per day/plan, depending on your workload. However, if things get tough, or you didn't request many tasks in the previous days and weeks, we often add more hours to your account to balance the working hours.


If you are under time pressure with your projects, we can add additional hours for a few days to finish a project and reduce the hours a bit after the project delivery.


Overall, we usually don't get complaints about long turnaround times. What we do hear quite often, though, is that we are working more efficiently as our client's in-house team.

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